Fall Fun

It’s Fall. The weather is gorgeous (or we hope it is where you are!). And you’ve got a hard earned summer’s of fitness and no races to use it in. What to do? Go enjoy it! We’re big proponents of not “shutting it down” and taking time totally off just for the sake of the racing season being over. There is definitely a need for time totally off the bike, but it doesn’t have to be October if you’re fit and ready to race. There will be a day in the near future where the sun will set at 5 and the mercury will sit below 40 degrees F. So might enjoy it while it doesn’t. There are many pros that aren’t able to live this life, as they really need that October break to stay on the right cycle of recovery and building for their race calendar. However, the every day joe is not most pros - so take advantage of it.

That is where Fall Fun comes in. It’s such an amazing time to reconnect with the bike in the way that we connected with it in the first place - as a vehicle for fun and exploration, not as a vehicle for specific intervals and wattages. The best part about Fall Fun - it doesn’t have to be on the bike at all! Ever heard of hiking? If not, it’s worth a try. It’s like walking, but usually prettier. And the hidden secret to hiking is that it’s actually awesome for athlete’s fitness, and to strengthen and balance out their bodies after a long season of mashing the pedals.

Like to run, but don’t have time for it in the summer because it’s all about the bike? Enter Fall Fun.

Run w_ Flora (2).jpeg

Get out there and enjoy some Fall Fun. Plenty of time for intervals, watts, bikes, and rest in November. Thanks for reading!