Having been able to work with Nate for about 18 months now, I see more and more everyday his value to me as a coach and resource. Starting with Nate, I was looking for someone to be doing something different and tailored to what I needed to perform at my best level.

Having been an elite level cyclist himself and experienced recently the same things I am experiencing it gives him an excellent perspective as to what the athlete is going through on a day to basis. Nate is able to make educated objective decisions and express them to me confidently, thus giving me more confidence in myself. He goes above and beyond what you would expect from any coach.

You can tell Nate loves his job and is fully invested in helping you achieve your objectives. He is constantly trying to improve his own coaching and working to be better just as you are as an athlete. The little things that he does and his attention to detail are what makes Nate so great. I am thankful that I have to opportunity to work with him.
— Tyler Williams, Professional Road Racer
Working with Nate for the past few years has provided me with the tools to grow and excel beyond my personal expectations as an athlete. His attention to detail and ability to tailor the training plan to my availability and capability has been instrumental in my development and progress. Nate’s dynamic coaching approach has not only facilitated progress in terms of race results, but also technique, overall strength, confidence, and execution while riding and racing.

Nate’s passionate attitude, combined with an impressive knowledge of physiology and coaching, as well as years of race experience distinguish him as a coach. Nate constantly keeps things interesting and exciting by introducing new workouts and ideas to help keep motivation high, even during the depths of a long season or when temperatures drop during the offseason. Nate truly has been a catalyst in helping me achieve my goals on the bike.
— Sam Dolzani, Pro MTB
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As an athlete of Nate’s for the last year, I can attest to his skill as a coach both from performance and personal perspectives. Nate has taken care to see that my goals as an athlete are being met while being conscientious of my time and motivation. The flexibility in his training plans has kept me from ever feeling burnt out, and I’ve seen marked improvement in my fitness over the course of the year.

From being more competitive on fast rides with my friends, to winning a race in a category faster than I had even raced in previously, the difference over a year of coaching from Nate has been massive.
— Donny Warbritton, Cat 1 MTB
Nate embodies a unique combination of firsthand experience and scientific knowledge. Knowing he has encountered the real challenges of training and racing means I can trust him to help me find the best way forward. He is quick to help me frame my perspective after hiccups in training, and always has an encouraging, positive attitude toward whatever obstacles I am facing. “Empathetic” is a term that applies strongly to Nate.

Nate’s passion for helping his athletes is immediately clear in the way he goes above and beyond to find advantages for them. For example, I’ve often received emails before local time trials with analysis of the course, wind patterns, and pacing strategies. Or, I’ve gone into TrainingPeaks and found my plan updated so I avoid the rain. This dedication sets Nate apart from the pack.

However, the best thing for me working with Nate is that I feel comfortable communicating with him honestly and frequently, making the coaching relationship much more productive. Nate acts as an invaluable, objective resource for me in my cycling.
— Stephen Bassett, Professional Road Racer
Nate has been a fantastic coach to work with. I have been able to make great strides in my ability to perform in races in the time that I have been working with Catalyst Coaching. Nate leaves no stone unturned in making sure that you are able to get the most out of your training. I feel that Nate has a great combination of academic and real world experience to know what is needed to make for a complete and strong cyclist. While doing this Nate continues to realize that we all need balance in our lives and is able to incorporate the training around this.
— Will Barta, Professional Road Racer