Santa Barbara - February 5th to 10th, 2019

Come discover what the pros have known for years: the riding in Santa Barbara is incredible.  For the past few years, Catalyst Coach Nate Wilson has been putting on European cycling camps for the US National Team.  For 2019 he’s taking his camp know-how to beautiful Southern California.  Also in attendance will be Dr Jim Peterman, who will be there to answer all your physiology questions.  The week is packed full with amazing riding, off-the-bike activities, clinics with tips, and every athlete will leave camp with an action plan to hit the ground running when they get home! Get a bit more familiar with Jim and Nate here.

What are you in for?

Join us for the full professional team experience! The goal for the week will be accumulating endurance miles in a group setting. Get ready for the perfect mix of coastal cruises and also climbs, where folks can split up to ride at the right pace for them with a friendly regroup at the top. To feed your need for speed, we’ll have one day of structured race simulations followed by file analysis and tips on how to get faster. Each day, breakfast will be available at “base camp”, where we’ll start all our rides from. We will do a mix of home cooked dinners at base camp, as well as some nights on the town! The camp schedule may change a bit depending on weather, and what best suits the crew, but our general overview schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday February 5th - PM 1-2 hour Coastal Ride, shake out the travel! Dinner at base camp.

  • Wednesday February 6th - AM, 3-3.5 hour moderate endurance ride with one main climb. PM, nutrition talk about how to fuel well, on and off the bike, at base camp, followed by dinner.

  • Thursday February 7th - AM, 4-5 hour long base mile day with a few sections of “race simulation” thrown in for everyone to finish the day satisfied! PM, file analysis from the day’s ride and a talk on how to use race data to build best practice training.

  • Friday February 8th - Sleep in, and go for a 1-2 hour leisurely recovery ride with a nice coffee stop. PM, an optional evening stroll around the “Funk Zone” checking out some local wineries, followed by dinner on the town.

  • Saturday February 9th - Today is all about a climbing. A long ride without any objectives other than bagging a big day in the saddle. In the evening we’ll sit down for one on one consults with each athlete to discuss training and how to improve going forward. Dinner at base camp.

  • Sunday February 10th - AM, a short but sharp 2-2.5h romp in the mountains, with the option to go full throttle one last time on Gibraltar. This ride can be optional based on people’s travel logistics.

What riders does the camp best suit?

This camp is for the intermediate to advanced rider looking to add some warm weather miles to their legs.  Do you have to be a racer to attend?  Of course not!  Everyone can enjoy the pro team experience and benefit from some fun winter miles in Santa Barbara!


We’ll have a SAG car and ride leaders who know all the riding hot spots - including the secret short cuts for when the legs get cranky.

Is it just about the bike?

No way! We’ve got Southern California, off-the-bike activities and every evening we’ll have a clinic with tips and recommendations on how to increase your fitness, get faster, and improve your overall health. Of course the clinics and activities are all optional if you’re wanting extra time to explore all that Santa Barbara has to offer!

What else is included?

Breakfast, ride food, and dinner. Make sure to bring an appetite! As far as equipment goes, we will have a pump, tools, chain lube, and most of the basics to keep your bike rolling, but folks should plan on bringing their bikes (or taking the option to rent a bike) in good condition ready for a big week of riding, as well as spare tires and tubes in case anything comes up!

What is not included, and what should I bring?

Cost of travel to Santa Barbara, and cost of lodging once in Santa Barbara, are not included. We are happy to help recommend with regards to lodging and travel logistics, but booking and cost is up to the guests. Our recommendation for travel is to plan to arrive the evening of the 4th or the morning of the 5th. The 5th will be a shorter afternoon ride, and if travel logistics do not allow everyone to join that is no problem! Bring your bike, cycling clothes for a good range of weather from lows in the 40’s to highs in the 70’s. Rain gear is a must have, though we hope not to be using it! For anyone interested in renting a bike to cut down on the hassle of traveling, contact us for a recommendation on going through a local dealer. As stated above, plan on bringing spare tires and tubes, in case of flats!

Where in Santa Barbara should I stay?

Our “base camp” is two blocks from Stearn’s Wharf, and two blocks from State St. Staying close by is ideal as we’ll be starting and finishing all our rides from here. There are numerous hotels and rental houses all in walking and riding distance. Contact us for the exact location, and any further help regarding lodging!

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Registration opens October 22nd. The cost for the entire camp is $1500, with a non-refundable deposit of $500 due at the time of registration - register by clicking the link below. The remaining amount is due by January 15th. There is a maximum of 10 spots available!

If you have any questions, or for more information, contact us at